My books had arrived!

My books have arrived directly from San Francisco. Come to spectrum art gallery on December 9th from 12-3 pm to watch my exhibit, and see my books, too. Give a gift to someone you love or give a gift to yourself.


Merced National Wildlife Refuge

The Merced National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 10,262 acres (41.53 km2) of wetlands, native grasslands, vernal pools, and riparian areas in California. It was established in 1951 under the Lea Act to attract wintering waterfowl from adjacent farmland where their foraging was causing crop damage.

The San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust



The San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust, Inc. is a non-profit public benefit corporation, organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Founded in 1988, the mission of the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust is to preserve and restore San Joaquin River lands of ecological, scenic or historic significance; to educate the public on the need for stewardship; to research issues affecting the river; and to promote educational, recreational and agricultural uses of the river bottom consistent with protection of the river’s resources. Our area of interest is from Millerton State Park to Highway 145.

                                                     San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust, Inc.

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