It’s the season Sun flower farm.

It’s the season. Sun flower farm Hollister, CA. #martinnunezphotography #hollister #california #mexico #mexicolindoyquerido #fotografia #girasol #sunflower #bayarea #cancun #guadalajara #guanajuato #love #amor

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Road trip to Big Sur, CA.

My road trip to Big Sur was very successfully executed yesterday. I stoped in Monterey to photograph these amazing panorama views of the Old Fisherwoman’s Wharf. Full video coming soon. Something you don’t want to miss! #martinnunezphotography #monterey #bigsur #mexico #cancun #california #nature #landscapephotography #ocean #pacificocean #guanajuato #guadalajarajalisco #bayarea #bonsai #fotografia #photography #dji #fromwhereidrone #drone #hollister

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Old barn Hollister, CA.

Old barn Hollister, CA.

Bay Bridge San Francisco, CA.

Bay Bridge San Francisco, CA.

21 California Missions’s Exhibition (COVID-19).


21 California Missions’s Exhibition (COVID-19).

21 California Missions’s Exhibition video is the final result of all of this problems that all of us are experiencing with COVID-19 during this time of crisis. We are bombarded every day via television, radio, podcasts, social media, news papers and more for what is going on in our own home as well as all over the globe. Not all is bad news and bad feelings. There’s good in this world, too. Let me share with you all these beautiful and amazing nature and landscape photographs for you to watch and enjoy. This’s my way of sharing good and positive thoughts for you my family, friends and patrons. mARTin

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Central Valley

Almond trees during blooming season. Central Valley, CA.

Spring Season

Spring is around the corner.

Abstract art.

In the abstract world only your imagination can define what are you seeing in front of you. What others see as insignificant and without value I see art and beauty. Up on the roof here in Oakland, CA metal, wood, water and rusty materials are my subjects. I see things others take for granted. I love and passionate I am for this medium indeed. Medium that I am sharing with you all for the next ten days, for I am downloading one piece every day for the next ten days of this abstract art. Let your imagination take you where no one has gone before. Let your inner child be the judge when contemplating these abstract pieces, for he or she is the majority of the time correct when it comes to love and appreciate art. Enjoy.

Abstract piece #2 the combination of golden colors and blacks creates wonderful patterns and shapes that are pleasing to the eye. Even though these abstract photographs are comprised in a tiny little space, composition is critical. The result of these beautiful art is the combination of years of experience that all of us gather through the years. Two down; eight more to go.

Abstract piece #3 this combination of water and dry ground create some marvelous patterns and shapes that are attractive to the eye.

Abstract piece #4 let your imagination fly.

Abstract piece #5 this piece is the result of a machine cleaning the metal after the storm. Love the combination of different colors and shapes that are visible on the surface.

Abstract piece #6 Isn’t this a cool piece of art?

Abstract piece #7 I see a figure, but I can not distinguish what is it. Can you? Nature play tricks on us once in a while.

Abstract piece #8 the magical and rusty world of sheetmetal creates magical abstract pieces of art.

Abstract piece #9 Love the orange and black combination of this piece. I see a simple art figure floating around the canvas. Abstract art uses visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

Abstract piece #10 at last the piece we all have been waiting for is here! Love the golden colors mixed with blacks, shapes and lines that makes this jewel one of a kind and unique. It has been fun sharing with all of you these marvelous abstract pieces of art. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. This time was abstract art perhaps the next time could be something else, who knows. There are plenty of subjects out there that at the end the idea is to share, see and talk about art. The magical world of photography is like the starts and the universe. When you think you found something unique, beautiful and amazing to share, there’s something else waiting for you to photograph. That’s why I love art.