Death Valley National Park

My visit to Death Valley with my family was phenomenal! While I was photographing the Mesquite sand dunes before sunrise, my family was waiting for me to go to our next adventure. Even though we visited the park during Spring season, there were not many wild flowers this year. In Death Valley there’s lots of activities to do, and many places to see. Canyons, sand dunes, gosh towns, and vistas to The Valley just to mention some of them, keeps the visitor on their feet and active. Here are some of the images I took during our visit.

Visit Yosemite

My visit to Yosemite was simply amazing! The day was cold and clear in the beginning and cloudy by the end of the day. The hope to capture epic light was a little uncertain. Mother Nature reward me and many more photographers and tourists, too. I’m a believer to be at the right place at the right time, and this’s exactly what I experienced in Yosemite