Mission San Antonio de Padua is in Germany

Today is one of those days that I give thanks to God, patrons, family and friends for all of the good things that happen to me and my art. One more piece is on display in one beautiful house here in Germany thanks to my brother Isidro and Ann Cristin. It makes me happy that my art is traveling the globe, and people like it and appreciate it for many years to come. This time one of my 21 California Missions is in Germany -Mission San Antonio de Padua- and more will be on display this coming December 9th at Spectrum Art Gallery here in Fresno, CA. For the 2018 year, Morgan Hill will be the city where my 21 California Missions will be on exhibition for the months of September, October and December. Also, Guadalupe church here in San Jose, CA will be displaying my art in 2018 and more info will come when the time comes.


Chino Alemania 10-7-2017